Sunday, February 8, 2009

Stand for Children on Feb 16th in Salem!

Want to see more $$ for Oregon's public schools? Me, too!

Want to do something about it? Me, too!

So join me at a well-organized rally in Salem with the grassroots empowerment organization called Stand for Children. As they say, "Times are tough, and they're likely to get worse. Together, we can make it possible for legislators to stand up for our children and other vulnerable members of our community."

What: Rally and lobby day
Where: The state capitol in Salem
When: Monday, February 16, 2009 (President's Day) from 9 to 3 - rally @ noon
Sign Up: Register online - free bus transportation is available!
Why: Here's some information from Stand for Children:

The Governor has proposed $6.39 billion for K-12 education in Oregon, which is an increase of $147 million over the current 2007-2009 budget. However, this amount falls $199 million short of the Essential Budget Level for 2009-2011, which is the amount needed to maintain the current level of services, when adjusted for inflation. The Governor proposes offsetting this by spending $149 million of the reserves in the Education Stability Fund. That still leaves his total proposed investment $50 million short of what's needed JUST TO MAINTAIN the current level of services.

I think our children deserve better... don't you? See you on the 16th?

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