Sunday, March 15, 2009

Whoa... First Blog this Month!

Whoa! My life has really shifted in the past few months!

My life before = lots of time on the computer or watching DVDs... journaling... thinking and writing about life and how it could be and what kinds of things I like to do... with outings spattered in from time to time

My life now = actually LIVING! out and about... with friends and family... on the phone talking to people I love... playing around with WHAT ELSE I can fit into my schedule that matters to me... making a difference and being in the moment... dating - A LOT... having fun and realizing that I haven't watched a movie or blogged in weeks, and I don't really miss it.

Much of this shift happened when I stopped thinking about how the future was going to be and just started living into it so that I could find out.

Really, it started when I invented the possibility of ACTION and blogged about it back in January. What a ride it's been since then...!

I am so grateful for the training I've gotten through Landmark Education - it gave me the tools to invent new possibilities and the ability to have my life shift in an instant. From here on out, I get to say how it goes! I get to choose the kind of life I want to live. That truly is extraordinary!

If you're in my life on a regular basis, you may have heard me share about Landmark. Either way, please know that I HIGHLY recommend it and I know it can make a huge difference for everyone. If you want more information, just ask me about it or take a look at the website - Believe me, it's well worth it!

And if you really want more information now, there's a free workshop at my house this Sunday afternoon - I would love to have you there. Just write or call for the details...! :)


Anonymous said...

wow, Amy. Sounds fantastic! It's so easy to get caught up in screen-time, be it movies, TV, facebook...) but to make a commitment to live intentionally... I'm so glad you made the decision and that you're having so much fun with it.

Anonymous said...

Hi Amy! So glad to have found your blog so we can catch up. I sent you an e-mail and wanted to see if you received it. Kristie Shumate