Sunday, October 5, 2008

Brunch = Brilliant

I hope whoever thought up the idea of brunch got an award for it...

And I hope Casa Naranja - a relatively new restaurant on Mississippi Ave - becomes as brilliantly popular as it deserves to be.

I had brunch there today because a friend of mine is dating the sous-chef, and it was delightful. Excellent food, great art on the walls, good ambience, and fantastic service (knowing a chef doesn't hurt, of course...).

I remembered that I really love mimosas with Sunday brunch, and I discovered the concept of a "torta" - sort of like quiche, only way yummier. Mine had layers of egg, potatoes, sage, tomatoes, and onions, all drizzled with a spicy honey sauce. Mmmmmm....

As if that's not enough, my friend Kennedy brought some of her friends that I'd never met before and we had some great conversations. So it really IS easy to make new friends, after all. One thing leads to another... and another... and eventually it all comes full circle.

So check it out... I heard it just got chosen as a Willamette Weekly pick-of-the-week, so get in now before all those tables are full!

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