Monday, November 10, 2008


Tomorrow's my birthday, and to help me celebrate I'm taking a class this evening at a local scrapbook store (Scrapbook Attack in Beaverton). I'm going to be making a perpetual calendar that looks something like this:

I'm excited and intrigued and I'm looking forward to meeting new people. It's interesting to me how the "art" world and the "craft" world intersect in my life. I've always been prey to the notion that scrapbooking and crafting don't really count as art, or that they're somehow less legitimate. I sometimes find myself apologizing for my crafty side or reminding people that I'm not a real artist.

But tonight's my night to let that go, so here's my declaration: I am a person who loves to make beautiful things! Sometimes they are unique and self-invented. Sometimes they follow patterns or are taught by others. Sometimes they use the tools of the artistic trade, sometimes they use the tools of the crafting trade, and sometimes they combine the two styles into one. But they are all beautiful and I'm proud of them all!

So if you ever want a handmade perpetual calendar, now you know who to ask... look forward to lots of new variations on the theme! :)

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