Saturday, November 8, 2008

SoulCollage Party...

Last year for my birthday my best friend Megan and I took a class called SoulCollage* where we learned an amazing art technique that helps you get in touch with your own inner wisdom. This year - for my 31st birthday, which is coming up Tuesday - I'm hosting my own SoulCollage class, led by collage artist and SoulCollage facilitator Susan Marra. It will be amazing... and you're invited! Here are the details:

SoulCollage is a process that uses imagery to access your inner knowing. Through this simple process of SoulCollage, you will create one or more cards depicting an inner aspect of yourself and then using a unique questioning process to receive guidance from the images. You'll be creating beautiful art at the same time! Everyone has access to their creative inner knowing and anyone can do this fun and simple SoulCollage process.

The workshop will be led by Susan Marra. She has been a collage artist for 22 years. Discovering SoulCollage in 2007, she embraced the process as a fun and profound tool for self-exploration. She became a facilitator in 2008 and teaches classes around the Pacific Northwest.

The cost for the workshop is $30, which includes the training and all of the materials needed to make several SoulCollage cards of your own.Please feel free to invite other people - just make sure to let me know in advance who will be attending!

Date: Saturday, November 22, 2008
Time: 1:00pm - 4:00pm
Location: Somewhere in Beaverton - Check Back Soon!
I'm including one of my completed SoulCollage cards, as well as the journaling that goes with it, to give you an idea of how the process works. I draw a card whenever I find myself challenged or frustrated in life, or whenever I've got a big decision to make. Often times, the card I choose is a perfect reminder of some part of myself that I've lost touch with... either positive or negative. It's often just enough to get me back on track. As you read the words below the card, listen to them as if the card is speaking to you. In this instance, it is the voice of the little girl that we are hearing.

I am the one who carries Peace within myself. I am in this world, but I am not of this world.
I create my own reality in every moment.

I am the one who chooses my own focus. I do not bend to the tide of public opinion and I do not surrender myself to the fears of others. I am a force for hope and love in the world. I am a rock of safety and kindness, and the chaos washes over me without altering my view of the world or muddying my childlike innocence. I find beauty in every moment.

I am the one who looks the monsters in the eye and smiles, refusing to run or to cower in fear. I am always with you - you do not need to cower anymore, either.

I am here to remind you that life goes on. I am here to tell you that you are more powerful than you have ever imagined. Do not forget - you are the creator of your own Universe. You choose your own reactions to life's challenges... you choose whether to focus on the monsters or the flowers... you paint each moment of your reality, much like you choose the images on each of your SoulCollage cards.

Today, I am asking you to paint with colors of hope, love, beauty, and compassion.

* SoulCollage is the process, created by Seena B. Frost, of creating and “reading” a deck of collaged cards from found images – cards that are arranged in suits for the primary purpose of self-exploration and self-acceptance. SoulCollage cards are made from original purchased art (e.g., art published in magazines, calendars, books, cards, etc.) and personal materials (e.g., photos). SoulCollage cards are not to be sold, traded, or bartered and are to be reproduced only for the personal use of the maker of the card. For more information about this amazing process, check out or

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