Friday, November 28, 2008

Things I'm Thankful For...

  • My parents, who have always loved me and supported me despite all the crap I've put them through.
  • My first love, Adam... I'll never forget what it felt like to be loved for who I am. I know I'll find that again someday.
  • The children in my class - they are so small and vulnerable, yet they radiate joy and trust. They remind me of the things that really matter in life.
  • The parents of the children in my class, for trusting me with their most important treasures every day.
  • Megan O, my best friend and the sister I never had, for loving me through the ups and the downs. Here's to a bright future together, raising our kids and playing in the sunshine and making art and... well, you know.
  • Nike, for respecting teachers and paying us accordingly.
  • All my amazing friends, near and far... and the technology that helps us keep in touch, even in the midst of our busy lives.
  • My dog Abby Lou... she's the best hiking buddy a girl could ever ask for and she's worth all the shoes she's chewed up over the years.
  • My co-teachers and suitemates, who make it a joy to wake up and go to work every day.
  • Portland, Oregon... finally a place that feels like home.
  • Music... my lifeblood... when I can't find the words, I can always find a song to express how I feel.
  • Barack Obama, who helped me rediscover the part of myself that cares about where our nation is headed.
  • Landmark Education. I really wouldn't be who I am today without a three-day course called the Landmark Forum.
  • Art... which comes in many forms, and hides inside all of us.
  • The people who take the time to smile as they pass me on the sidewalk each day.
  • Freedom and love and joy and celebrations and diversity and friends and family and heartache and trust and all the other things that make us human.
  • I'm grateful for every day in this beautiful Universe!

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Anonymous said...

You are a very thankful person. It is evident in your everyday demeanor not just in the post near a thanksgiving holiday. It makes your thankfulness that much more meaningful. I appreciate having the opportunity to teach with you and learn from you each day. You have so much to offer everyone in this world. You truly are an amazing individual. And...Mr. Right is out there, and he loves you already...even though he may not have met you yet. He knows you are out there!

Love You Lots!
Megan R