Thursday, January 1, 2009

Lights... Camera... What Comes Next?

Imagine me, sitting in front of a not-so-interesting episode of Battlestar Galactica...

Now imagine a bolt of inspiration from out of the blue... ice skating!

That pretty much sums up last Sunday afternoon for me. And it's not too uncommon in my world.

You see, I have this gift of being struck with inspiration on a regular basis... and it usually comes at the least expected moments and takes the least expected forms.

But here's where this particular idea took a different path - I actually followed through on it!

So often, I get a really exciting idea and I play it out in my head for days. "Ooooh... I could do this... or that... or maybe it would be fun to..." Well, you get the idea. And don't get me wrong, having a fantastic, inspiring, and active life in my head is great fun - and it's pretty safe and easy, too! I don't have to venture out in the rain, I don't have to expend much energy, it's completely free, and I don't have to risk any kind of social rejection. It's also lonely...

So this week I invented the possibility of action... being in action, inspiring others to action, having my actions make a difference in the world. When an inspiring thought appears in my mind, I'm committed to translating it into action right away!

So when "Ice skating!" popped into my head Sunday, I got on the net and changed my Facebook status. "Amy wants to ice skate this week. Anyone interested?" A few people showed interest, so I created an event invitation and sent it out.

And when I was thinking about the event and "Hot chocolate!" popped into my head, I started calling around to find a hot water dispenser. The result? A local Starbucks donated a huge carafe filled with hot water... for free!

And when the thought "Snacks!" showed up, I mentioned it to a few friends and we ended up with so much food it barely fit on the table!

The result: This afternoon, seventeen fantastic people from my community joined me at the Lloyd Center Ice Rink and we had a blast! We welcomed in 2009... we ate up lots of leftover munchies from last night's New Year's Eve parties... we fell, and we laughed about it... we met new people... we ice skated!

And tonight, I'm going dancing. Now THAT'S what I call action!


Stacey E. said...

Amy, I love this blog. Totally inspired by the fact that you took action instead of keeping it to yourself! 17 people! wow!! Didn't know we had that many! I love exclamation points!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Amy K said...

I love exclamation points, too! Do you know what else I love? Ellipses...! You should try using them more often, too... it's fun! :-)