Tuesday, January 6, 2009

SoulCollage... Peaceful Warriors

I love this SoulCollage* card! I created it at a time when I was feeling very powerful within myself, but was not yet translating that power into action in the world. I look at this card when I need to remember to stand up for the things that matter in the world. It inspires me to make a HUGE difference in the world... it remind me that there is more at stake than just my life.

Here's the SoulCollage card and the corresponding reading. As you read the words below, listen to them as if the card is speaking to you. In this instance, the three beings in the card speak as one voice... working together as a team.

We are the Peaceful Warriors. We are the ones who stand up for Justice, anywhere and everywhere. We do not bow down to the actions of others... we bow only to our conscience, the collective conscience of all creatures. We each feel small as individuals, yet together we are unstoppable. We stand before the greatest evils without backing down. We rise up against that which we know to be harmful to the world.

We do not act without fear; rather, we act even in the presence of our fear. We recognize that the first step towards action is to witness. Do not turn away from the things that frighten you. Do not turn away from the things that trouble you. Do not turn away from the things that seem bigger than you. This world may not be perfect, yet the presence of those who are willing to make a difference is more powerful than all the evil that exists.

We are here to remind you of who you are. You make a difference all the time, when you are aware of it and when you are not. Choose the difference that you will make in this lifetime. Choose to stand up for your ideals. Choose to stand up for those who are too small or too frightened to speak for themselves. Choose justice, choose peace, and choose to fight when it is the only means left to defend your fundamental values.

We need you to know this: you must stand up for Justice now, or you will look over your shoulder with regrets in the future. Do not wait until it is too late.

You will remember us when you see others being disempowered. You will remember us in the moments when you want to look away from pain and sorrow. You will remember us when you see tears in the eyes of others. You will remember us when you feel shame for your actions and the actions of others. You will remember us and you will stand up. You will remember us, and you will choose to make a difference in the world.

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Kaela Z said...

holy smokes amy.
i love the card and the words.
thank you for sharing!